Chiro C-800 / Onkyo ED 901 AC 3

I have the above units with a Sherbourn amp used for mainly home theater. My question is since the components are older, is the newer less expensive stuff better? Like the computer I am using now, I paid $500 for it, but 8 years ago the same thing would have cost $3000. Any thoughts?
Hello, I am looking for a copy of the Onkyo ED-901 decoder owners manual. Would you happen to have this manual? Would you copy off a copy and send it to me? I will pay for your trouble. Thanks, Bob R.........
To replace your Chiro W/something of equal sound quilty, would cost you about $10,000.00.
How to connect the C800 and ED901? I have already used DB25 cable to connect both but nothing have happen.