Chiro 5.1 and C-800


I am hoping someone reading this has, has had, or has knowledge of the Chiro 5.1 processor. I have the C800 and 5.1 already, BUT...............

my 5.1 states DTS ready when everything else I have read about it states it is DTS.

I can not get DTS to play, and use the EAD TheaterVision, which is perfectly capable.

Connection is made with an optical.

What gives? Is it possible this is only DTS ready, in other words, needs a DVD player with DTS decoding (which seems ridiculous) or have I set it up incorrectly?

The source player has to have DTS capability in order for the processor to work correctly. As such, if your EAD is not DTS capable, you will never get DTS out of the Chiro unit. Sean
The EAD is, but apparently, some of these 5.1's are only DTS ready where some are actually DTS. Mine is not!

Thanks fot the help!

Have you turned on the DTS output on your EAD? Usually machines come with dolby digital set to bitstream, but don't have the DTS output turned on. This saves people that don't have DTS playback from messing stuff up.

Get your hands on a DVD set up disk. I use The Ultimate DVD Platinum edition. There are a series of audio set-up tracks with DTS and Dolby Digital test signals. I have the Chiro 5.1 & C800 combo and it plays DTS VERY well. Don't forget that you must select the DTS sound track manually on most DVD's. It's usually in the main menu.

The Chiro combination is one of the best I have ever heard. If you do have a problem with your unit, I have the name and address of the guy in California that repairs Chiro gear.