China PRC audio?

A friend of mine is spending some time in China for work.
The only audio store he has seen so far has a display of brand names he's never heard of before - prominent is a display "CAV" - anybody know anything about this ? For all I know it stands for Cash Always Valued. The only chinese brand I am even slightly familiar with is Shanling - while a whole lot of Japenese ,Korean,British,US and others have their stuff made in China - he hasn't seen any of these familiar brands so far.
What chinese brands are worth listening to? My friend does have a preference for 2B's.
BTW - I heard that Shanling has a multi format player that has a digital output for SA/CD and DVD/A format's. Is this so or is it like all the other multi-format players I have seen so far and only outputs redbook CD info out of it's digi outputs.
Thanks for the help.

My "trip report" from Shanghai last week:

I spent some time perusing the Opera gear in store. I didn't end up buying anything; the 220V gear means adding a step-up which I would really prefer to avoid. It adds cost and is detrimental to the sound. Try In (retailer) told me I can order a 110V model (Opera can supply a 110V) and it takes a week to get the unit. I was leaving a few days later, so it was impractical to order a unit and receive it this trip. The other thing that is a show-stopper is there is no headphone jack or line-outs on the Opera integrateds to add an external heapdhone amp. This is important to me cuz I would use the unit at work with my Senn 600's. They offer line-outs on their preamp but I'm looking for an integrated. The Opera Eric speakers at 4600RMB were interesting, seem like a damned fine transducer for the money.

I like some of the Cayin integrateds and they do have a headphone jack, but are 220V and cannot be ordered otherwise. At a negotiated price of 3100 RMB's for the 32 Watt Cayin integrated it still means tearing apart the power supply and retrofitting to 110V or going the step-up route, something I'd prefer to avoid. Didn't find any Shanling integrateds, mostly their low end solid state CDP's."

CAV likely stands for Cayin Audio Video? Just a guess. So... check out Cayin, Shanling, and Opera (Consannance). Great value but be aware of the voltage input issues if your friend intends on using the gear in North America.
Check out the Cayin TA-30 here on AudioGon.
Sounds great. Built like a tank. 110 volts. Great price.