Chillout CDs

Hi Guys,

I like chillout / downtempo music - like Blank & Jones, JJOS, Milchbar, Cafe Del Mar etc. I also like soft/smooth jazz.
Can you recommend good resources where I can buy CDs online.

Tried on Amazon - but it seems they don't have much in stock or have very expensive options. 

What is your recommendation for buying CDs?

For a long time I was streaming music (Auralic Aries) but recently bought Denafrips Avatar and now building my collection of CDs. 


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Alex is correct, also checkout eBay. I have found many good deals on used cd's there. Also, checkout Paul Hardcastle, especially the "Chill Lounge" series.
I’m a little more upbeat w chill tunes.
 My old friend (rip) hooked me on a band called “Orbital”
it’s a space somewhat techno music.

 Odd stuff. But, nice relax music with a nice dram.

 I have a few of their LPS’ and CDs, 
my fav is orbital 2

I have just discovered deepdiscount.comUnfortunately their Electronic section doesn't have sub categories... so better if you know what you are looking for.My Favorites:


George Fitzgerald

Stellardrone – Light Years 

Christian Loffler - Mare