Child Damage Mitigation

Last week the wife and I brought a new baby home - our first - and it's been fun introducing her to the music we love. It dawned on me this morning that this child will be crawling before I know it and my lovely pair of Magnepan 3.7's might be sitting ducks. They're less agile than the cat, closer to the ground than the house plants, and more fragile than the couch. As I've calculated I've got approximately 6 months to find a way to prevent any child-induced damage so your input is greatly appreciated. What can I learn from the grand wisdom of AG about how to keep the kid away from the speakers? 
"...too high for the rugrats to climb..."
How high would that be? Higher it is, more chairs will be stacked to reach it.
@krelldreams Nice story of heirloom equipment. Care to say which speaks you are referring to?
@noroMy first pair of “good speakers” were Magnepan MG-1.4 (~1987). Those had the L-shaped feet, so they tilted back, with nothing extending to the front. Our first child (who was about a year and a half then) casually toddled up to the left speaker and pulled it forward. It fell right onto the floor, right in front of my eyes! She was fine, the speaker was fine (non—true-ribbon maggies are actually pretty tough). No harm, but that started my routine of repeated “reminding”! I’ve also had MG-1.5qr, SMGa, MG-3.3/R, 1.7, then 1.7i. I’ve owned other speakers as well, but always feel something that “I like” is missing from the various box speakers I’ve owned and heard. 
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