Child Damage Mitigation

Last week the wife and I brought a new baby home - our first - and it's been fun introducing her to the music we love. It dawned on me this morning that this child will be crawling before I know it and my lovely pair of Magnepan 3.7's might be sitting ducks. They're less agile than the cat, closer to the ground than the house plants, and more fragile than the couch. As I've calculated I've got approximately 6 months to find a way to prevent any child-induced damage so your input is greatly appreciated. What can I learn from the grand wisdom of AG about how to keep the kid away from the speakers? 
In a little different approach, I feel the kids should be allowed to touch all the things with some directions, if possible. However, and that is why bottom-heavy large-base speakers were my recommendation, it may be unavoidable that a child bumps into something while growing up so that particular thing may need to be set up safely.
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perfect solutions indeed 

For those of you suggesting stand-mounts - be careful there as well. My 3  year old son was able to poke a hole in the tweeter of a nice pair of Mission Speakers with a pencil. How or why I will never know . A replacement tweeter was in the cards and an easy fix. the same son enjoys those same towers now in his house 27 years later powered by Rotel . Built like a tank. 

Now the other son found a way to use a small rock to scratch the paint on a near concours 74 Alfa GTV that was in the garage . It wasn't as easy a fix and I surely  didn't forgive him for quite some time. AND no he doesn't have the car in HIS garage :)  !

Good Luck , nothing more rewarding than raising kids. 
Speakers you have heard advice on. If your amp or preamp allows you to limit the volume, you may want to keep that in mind. My boys are teens and I still limit the max volume. 
I’d just nail some chicken wire to the walls and to a wooden frame too high for the rugrats to climb and screen off all the equipment that way, get a remote line-level volume control if your amp does not already have one, and you’re all set. Not pretty but the kids are gonna make a mess of the place for the next few years anyway, so who cares?
...and then there’s that old advice I heard that may be of use in extreme situations....

Seal the child into a 55 gal. wooden barrel with 2 ’bung holes’; 1 at the top, labeled Input and 1 at the bottom labeled Output.

After 18 years, plug the holes.....

Just kidding....likely related to the observation that Bach had so many children because his organ lacked stops....
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