Chicago Transit Authority

What is the best vinyl version of this ?
I haven't been able to compare to the MOFI or a NM original, but I can say with confidence that the Rhino 180g reissue pressed at RTI in 2010 is fantastic. I've played side 1 as a demo for visitors and I've seen many jaws drop when they hear the Beginnings 3D percussion coda. Cheers,
This is a fantastic album and one of my absolute favorites. I have several different pressings of it (including the Rhino) but the best hands-down is MFSL, imo.
I see there is a 50th anniversary Rhino available, and a Friday Music Studios and Capital Records version mastered by Joe Reagoso using the original master tapes and supervision by Chicago's Lee Loughnane. For 5.00 more it comes in red vinyl. Has anyone heard these? I  really appreciate your responses to help me out on which version to buy. The MOFI is only available on SACD new and it has good reviews, but I would rather purchase a record. Yeah, the first run is definitely something I'd like to check out.
I've been very happy with the original vinyl so haven't explored other vinyl versions.
As far as CD's go I have the 02 and the 19 of which I greatly prefer the Rhino 02 the most recent issue almost sounds like a different album I don't know what they were thinking. ( Other CTA fans I know feel the same)
 Japanese edition.
my copy is fairly aged, and still sounds great minus the pops n ticks. 

SONP 50116-117

  the UK version is pretty good also. 
Have the MFSL and the recent Rhino.
Without comparison, they both sound great!
I bid on a MOFI and on a Rhino RTI, but I didn't have a chance to up the bid before they expired. In the meantime I bought the MOFI SACD and it sounds really good, but I will still try to find an LP. The new Friday Music LP is going to be released on June 4th.
Listened to this album hundreds of times since it was first released and the MQA 192 version on title sounds weird as hell.  
I always loved the Transit Authority album but I never bought the record. I bought the Rhino Very Best Of cd set in 2002. A lot of good songs but the sound quality of the Transit Authority songs wasn't very good. So finally now, since I bought a turntable about a year ago and am back into vinyl, I want a great sounding record.
I also downloaded an HD 192 version about a year ago but I wasn't happy with the sound.
Why is the original period release NOT being acknowledged as among  likely "best" sounding release? Forget the reissues.

It's not rocket science.

There were several iterations released in 1969, but this version is still easy to find with a little effort.
Finding a clean issue is the challenge. The reward is the sound will trounce any overpriced reissue.

The previous post are the "stamper" copy which will be even harder to find, but possibly closer to "the absolute sound" for audiophools.
If  you all are like me.....

I never had an OP.

My feeling is, any vinyl pressing is nice

discogs is a great reference to check the pedigree.

Not enough info to check? My suspicion that is a later reissue. There were plenty of those around in the 70's.

Is there a bar code on the back? If so, definitely a reissue. Not a bad thing, just gives an idea how far off from a period press it is,hence,how far it is from "the master tape" and the stamper used.
It didn't show a date, so I suspected it was a later pressing, although it looks like something from the 70s ( just a guess ). I think you're right.
Surprise! My wife had her original album stored in a closet. She dug it out and I cleaned it. It has some light scratches on it, but not bad so I played it, and we both couldn't believe how good it sounded. It was way better than the SACD. What a pleasant surprise, I didn't even know she had that record. So tablejockey, slaw, and the rest of you guys, Thanks.
If you're ever curious of its provenance,  check the runout  info on discogs
as mentioned earlier.

Original presses are not a guarantee for "best" SQ, but always a sure bet to put them on your list of what to check out. 
I looked at the album cover and it is a Columbia PG 8. the record is GP8. Side A is XSM 139684. The etched number is XSM139684 - 1AE with a thin AF after it. I couldn't find those exact #s, but I'll keep checking.
This is somewhat off topic, but there's a terrific Russian/eastern European Chicago cover band that has videos up on youtube.  To be honest, I've never cared particularly for Chicago, but when these guys play it, I sure like it!  Some of you might also enjoy them...

Here's a sample
The group is called "Leonid and Friends" 

 If I were a Chicago fan, I'd check their touring schedule-- they really are excellent.
Hey, thanks for the link. Those guys are really good and I enjoyed it. I checked out a few more songs too. Great stuff. The playing, the energy, and the vocals are all very well done. I was a teenager when CTA came out, and I've always liked that album. My wife saw them live at The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium after the album came out ( I didn't know her yet ), and she says it was the best concert she has ever been to. 

You're welcome!

Even though I've never been a Chicago fan, I would pay to see Leonid perform the first album.