Chicago stereo shop recommendations

Hi- heading to the big city (Chicago) this weekend. Anyone have any suggestions for nice shops fairly near downtown? Would love to hear speakers/amps in the $10-20k range- not any specific brand.
This post is from 2006: Many shops have moved but are still in the "near north" area. I'll designate those that I know have moved with *moved*.

04-10-06: Dweller
The tour:

*moved* - Now on Belmont I believe.
Goto Clark street and Diversy.
Start at Saturday Audio Exchange (open on Saturday and Thursday night only). They are just north of Diversy on Clark. They don't have that much high-class merch but sometimes they do.

*moved* - Now on Writewood St
Next, go out the door (of SAE) to Clark St.
Go South about 1 mile to Pro Musica i.e., "Naim Country" (across the street from Tower Records -score!).

Go south on Clark St. about 2-3 miles to Audio Consultants (not their best store but on the tour).

After, go south a few blocks on Clark to Chicago Ave. Turn right (west).
Go about 2-3 miles west to Milwaukee Ave. Turn right.
Go down a block or two to Superior Audio.
Joe G. is a true sound/music fanatic and will do you right. There is no store sign so call ahead.

If you're feeling adventurous, Music Direct is on Ravenwood and Bryn mawr. This is well on the north side. Call ahead to see if they still allow walk-ins.

New to me is: Precision Audio/Video

4824 N. Broadway St. (773) 720-1542

They seem to have a very large store.

Good Luck!

Music Direct; they have things from entry to esoteric

  Pro Musica  is a good shop, John is a great guy. He is heavily into Naim.

 Saturday Audio Exchange is mostly inexpensive stuff, Some factory refurbished and used gear. They can be busy so it can be difficult to demo a piece uninterrupted,

 I did not know there was an Audio Consultants in that area. But they closed a couple of their locations. I know they closed the Hinsdale store. They may only still have their original Evanston store open.

Music Direct is a great store. I don't know how much gear they have on display though. I have not been their since they moved. I have gotten some great deals on demo stuff from them in the past.

Quintessence Audio in Morton Grove is another great store with lots of higher end gear. Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Magico, Pass Labs and ClearAudio just to name a few. Lots of gear to demo and Mick is a super nice guy. Easy to get to if you have a car, just north on 94. They are just west of 94 on Dempster.

 To be honest we have not gone into the city in years. It is just not safe anymore what with all the shootings and car jackings. Not to mention the whole parking meter deal and bogus traffic cam tickets. 

 Have fun, there are still a lot of good stereo stores in the area. A wide variety of gear to see and demo.

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