Chicago area - Nine FM

Back in the summer Sean, I think, posted about the new radio station "Nine" FM at the time I really couldn't get their signal too well. They since have started broadcasting on several frequencies which I can now p/u. Pretty good music selection they play. I've actually started listening to music in my vehicle again, their morning dj kinda sucks though. I'm curious to hear Johnny Mars late of xrt. Anyone else been listening?

Still listening and it is the station I have on at work in my shop. I'm not all that enamored with the fact that they DO have a specific playlist but am glad that it is still more varied than most and not nearly as many commercials.

I had called up one day to tell them that i was sick of hearing Eminem's latest single as they had already played it three times in one day. The "phone person" told me that if it was a song / band that i liked, i wouldn't mind hearing it that often. I told them that there are PLENTY of songs that i like, but i get tired of hearing them because they get played to death on the radio. No response on that one, only that they would make note of it. After that day, it slowed down in rotation. I'm betting that they got more calls on it outside of my own.

As far as "we play anything", that is a bit of a joke. I have noticed that there are no real "hard" or "heavy" songs to be heard on this station, much to my dismay. I like diversity, even the bit of country that they throw in here and there.

As far as DJ's go, Johnny Mars is quite good and i enjoy his show and his commentaries. Sky Daniels tends to play some older and more diverse selections during his show, some of them so far out in left field that they aren't interesting at all. I think that his commuting back and forth from California to Chicago causes too much "jet lag" : )

I have to be honest here though. My radio alarm wakes me up on the WLUP, I listen to WXRT in the morning once i get moving and i occassionally tune into "the Zone" aka 94.7 when travelling in the car. When i'm at home at night and don't feel like fidgeting with records or CD's, i'll tune into WFMT. As such, it looks like i'm still not completely sold on any one station. I bet i'm not the only one either. Sean
I agree there isn't a station that's a good listen all the time. At least Nine does have a little more variety and the new music they play is pretty decent. I also do xrt from when I go to bed until 9:00am, Bremer's the man in the morning, after Teri Hemert comes on however I switch. I can only handle so much Melissa Etheridge, lesbian folk singers, and Beatles talk.

As for Sky Daniels it might not be jet lag as much as "getting jaked and blowin lunch" a few too many times in the 80's. Though it hasn't slowed me down too much yet.