Chet Backer - Craft Recordings

Here are a new Chet Backer Craft Recordings videos

Chet Baker ‎– Plays The Best Of Lerner & Loewe -"Thank Heaven For Little Girls"

Chet Baker ‎– It Could Happen To You - "I'm Old Fashioned"

Chet Baker ‎– In New York - "Fair Weather"

And for comparison Analogue Productions 1994

Chet Baker ‎– Chet - " You And The Night And The Music"
I love his playing, but do you have a question? Best recent Chet Baker LPs that I have heard are from Sam Records, based in Paris and pressed in France, all mono only. Sam also has some Lester Young, Dexter Gordon, etc, all superb.

Do you have any experience or thoughts on the Craft label? I've been seeing quite a few interesting reissues popping up on that label, but would like to hear some firsthand experiences from folks who've given them a try before I jump on anything.

I'll look into those Sam Records pressings.
I love Chet Baker.... 

He never played much  for playing but to sing with a trumpet.... It is way more difficult than it seems... If not, why nobody could ever replicate his musicality?

I love Kenneth Wheeler for example but  he dont sing and probably could not even if it is a genius in his own right....I want all his cd.....I already own near 100 Chet Baker....
Walter, apart from the Sam Records, all my other Chet Baker recordings are the originals on Riverside and maybe Contemporary or collaborations on Verve, etc. I don’t care for his singing, unlike some others. I highly recommend Sam if you’re ok with original mono.
" He was great in Backer-Turner Overdrive."

too funny except it was "bachman" :)
Just added two new videos
Chet Baker ‎– In New York - "Polka Dots And Moonbeams"
Chet Baker ‎– It Could Happen to You - "My Heart Stood Still"