Chester Bennington passes...

Very sorry to hear about the suicide of this talented singer. Really love his unique sound and Linkin Park.
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Can this Band continue w/o lead singer-Chester ?
Roxy, I agree.  I've enjoyed Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory.  It's one of my "guilty pleasure" bands to play, as well as being very well represented on my gym playlist.

It's sad to see this happen to yet another young musician.

I love their music and their weaving in of highly relevant issues and events from society and human issues into their lyrics.

It's a tragedy he chose to end his life; a very selfish move. My heart goes out to his family including six (6) children, friends and his band-mates. There really is not good explanation for this loss.

I hope that LP finds a way to continue; their music and art is too important to just stop here.