Chesky Records & poor sevice,

Has anyone experienced trouble purchasing CDs from Chesky? I have ordered two jazz CDs on Sept .1 2006 & after contacting MasterCard etc I still do not have my CDs.I have emailed them many times & they are all unanswered except when I threatened to get MasterCard after them. They promised at that point to send the Cds only to wait the extra month whereby after 6 months MasterCard will note address undelivered goods. They are still undelivered & I am out $50.

Get them from another seller, Towers has quite a few of them, to name just one. There is a recent post on where to buy Chesky on AA.
i won a silly Audiogon audiogon consisting of a 6 of any Chesky releases. Service was good.
Everybody who orders direct from Chesky complains about the endless wait as well as their failure to answer E mails. Call them @ (800)331-1437. Good Luck.

I believe is still in business. Certainly its website is operating and contains current promotional material The stores, at least the ones in LA, closed at the end of 2006 (I know, because I bought over 100 CD albums in the close-out), but its not inconceivable that the online operation can make a profit. Berkshire Record Outlet has been in business for years, first as a catalog outfit and now primarily as an online retailer, and it sells only classical music (a small fraction of all CD sales). Not sure if is still owned by the old Tower or whether it was sold to a new owner in the bankruptcy.

I only met him once at a trade show, but if I were betting in Vegas, I would say that guy is already signed up to those sites you mention.

Sorry to hear the service is bad at Chesky records.
I went through the same thing a couple of years back. I won't buy direct from Chesky any more. I only buy their stuff through Amazon. I still never received all of the CDs I paid for! Some of the ones they did send me, I didn't order. So you aren't alone..sorry to read their service still sucks!!!
Dougmc, thanks for the update, good to know.
I work in the financial industry & unless things have changed in the last couple of months;...Call mastercard back again & file a claim. Even if Chesky
doesn't come thru, MC will eat the $50 and credit your account.
Thanks guys.. I will give them a call then try through MC again if they do respond & get my $50 back. It is hard to believe a company of that caliber would flat out not deliver after they took my money even if it did take 6 months to get here.

Why would you wait six month??? I would have given them six WEEKS, and then asked my credit card company to do a "charge-back"!

You must have more patience than Job!
o.k. at least now I know I wasn't the only one...
Chesky screwed me out of $60 or so over a year ago; I placed an order over the phone and never received my discs.. called numerous times and was always told the marketing person I needed to talk to "was in a meeting". When I finally spoke to her, she promised to send the discs and never did. Chesky recordings sound great but I'll NEVER do business with them again.
I also will never order directly from Chesky again. At the end of December, 2005, I responded to an e-mail offer from them with a free CD to be included if 2 or more were purchased. After 6 weeks, the CD's I had purchased arrived. E-mails and calls to them about the missing CD got no response. Since I received the CD's I actually wanted (the free one was not that desirable to me), I let it go.

Frankly, I have purchased nothing made by Chesky from any source since.

I had the same problem, although it only took four weeks to get my shipment. That is three weeks to long in this day and age.
They had a number available, but one of my orders was lost in the mail and they can only replace one of the three, the other two are no longer available from Tower. So strike Tower Records off your list for those!
For any purchases that you haven't receive in 30 days, by law, you can call your cc and get a refund. Protect yourself and don't wait, if a business doesn't ship you something you purchased within that time frame, they shouldn't be in business.
I do not know whether it was my direct letter to Chesky from a email I got from the AA site or all this negative publicity however I received all the Chesky disks I ordered plus several sampler CDs one with some tests on it plus 10-12 musical cuts thrown in.I think the online ordering from Chesky doesn ot link one up to the proper sources in terms of actual ordering direct.Hopefully that is fixed now.I lost the email addrsss however if you go to the AA site under music or general & punch in my moniker Audiopath49 you will come to the recent link that gives Chesky's direct email.Sorry my regular maintenance got rid of the email address however you should be able to find it on AA.

I went through this too about four years ago. I never received my CDs. Never got a reply from them. This sucks! it was the first and last time I tried to buy from them. lists 241 Chesky titles.I have never had a problem with c.d.u.