Chesky recording recommendation, please

Hi everyone. I'm soliciting suggestions for Chesky recordings...specifically compilation CDs. Any genre.

Thanks in advance.
the ultimate demonstration disk has excellent selections for equipment comparisons which are very revealing of the difference in the equipment
Thanks, Mejames. However, I'm interested more in music compilations that highlight Chesky recording artists than I am in test discs. I should've made that more clear in my question.
Yes: the artists matter a lot. Last night I dug through my CDs (which have seen little use since I went to high res) and pulled out a 1982 Decca recording of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, performed by Kyung Wha Chung, a young (then) woman from Korea. We have heard a lot lately about Hilary Hahn, and I have several of her recordings. However, to my ear, this performance by Kyung Wha Chung takes technical skill and artistic interpretation to a higher level. Sometimes lesser known performers may excel.
Rebecca Pidgeon, THE RAVEN
Jjwa, thanks.

Again, folks, I'm looking for Chesky compilation CDs.
McCoy Tyner Quartet - New York Reunion
Eldartford, exactly my point in requesting Chesky compilations. My assumption being Chesky will put the best of their label on compilations, thereby affording the buyer to choose which artists to explore further.
Try "Jazz for a Literary Mind" by Chesky. It includes artists such as Dave's True Story, Kenny Rankin, John Pizzarelli, Sara K., Peggy Lee, Livingston Taylor, The John Basile Quartet, Phil Woods, Clark Terry, Rebecca Pigeon, Red Rodney, and Carla Lother. These tracks are all unique and special. Some are recored in a church in NY.
Hi I got through a few ads in stereo magazines two different Chesky cd's. One was called "The Vocal Collection" and the other "10th Anniversary Special Edition." The first ncluded Rebecca Pigeon, Livingston Taylor, John Pizzarelli, etc. The other includes these same artists one cd and classical music on another. I have no idea how you would get hold of these cd's. They were special offers-I think in Stereo Review- 4 or 5 years ago. You might try to hold of Chesky to see if they still have some in stock. They only cost me about $5-$10 each as they were special offers. Good luck Dan
"Women of Song" is a nice collection that has 2 tracks from each of their top female vocalists, including most of those mentioned above. The Rebecca Pidgeon cuts on this are my favorite, but SaraK.'s "Brick House" cover always gets a big reaction from non-audiophiles...Cheers,
You should also get Linn Hybrid SACD compilation. I believe the CD layer is in HDCD.
Their Beethoven symphonies on cd arent compilations but it's great sound and great music.
I second Mejames post at this thread's beginning re. the Ultimate Demonstration Disc. While it may not cover as many artists as other Chesky discs, it is a compilation disc that I play more than any other I own. Not only is it a good demonstration disc with verbal descriptions between each track of what to listen for, but it contains superb performances by some of Chesky's best artists.
Thanks everyone. I'm going to pick up the Ultimate Demonstration Disk for certain. Two recommendations has to be right. I also picked up one of Chuck Mangione's Chesky disks from a seller on Amazon for $5.00. I'm going to choose one other compilation CD...TBA.