Chemically Altered Audio

Is there any interest in a discussion about home-made formulae that can significantly enhance audio quality? After reading some recent threads here, it appears that one company which had been involved in this aspect of audio is no longer in business, and has no immediate plans to reopen. I would not be making this offer if that company was still operating. My recent experiments in this area are extensive, and most of it is unique. The experiments are not influenced by the products of any other company. I would like to share the results, if it's not too controversial, and if such a discussion would not cause difficulties for anyone actively involved in the business. I certainly don't want to hurt anyone by revealing and discussing what I know. On the contrary, I would like to help open minded readers get started on some very cost effective, radical home-made solutions. I can describe in detail the steps necessary to create some home-made formulae which have proved to be very successful in my own system. I'll await reaction before I continue.
I am curious about trying to improve cables but my most extraordinary improvement were gained with acoustical controls with my modified Schumann generators with stones and the electrical grid controls with the stones....The effect were not small....Cables are important but cannot be compared to the modification of the house electrical grid or the room acoustical field....Modification of the speakers were also a great improvement....I will try something with my "golden" plate and the graphene powder and mica....

I already have the nanotape for using with the graphene powder and will use it on some connector...
I’ll stick to Grapefruit Kush 🚀
My homemade formula, which really does help blend everything into a coherent sound, consists of single malt scotch and very furry ganja buds.  Sip one and smell the other.
In my youthful endeavors, I discovered that certain chemicals can definitely alter and enhance the audio experience!😎😜
'Nanotape'...I'll look into that...thanks. *S*

(The obvious pun was "Will I need to get the nanocorder for it?", but that's just being rude..."nanomuzic"...*G*  I'll stop....")

Since I'm using an all metal cone, and there's a need to damp inter-modulation distortion from reflected waveforms....thought I might deal with another potential issue at the same time....
Thought water as a means of thinning would be fine...thanks for verifying.

@danvignau ...Now, don't get them mixed up...;)...and why are you just 'smelling' the 'other'....?! 

*sigh*  It's a good thing I'm committed to performing a PubicI mean Public Service by keeping 'it' out of the hands of those who are wastedImean Wasting 'Its' medicinal qualities.....😆