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Is there any interest in a discussion about home-made formulae that can significantly enhance audio quality? After reading some recent threads here, it appears that one company which had been involved in this aspect of audio is no longer in business, and has no immediate plans to reopen. I would not be making this offer if that company was still operating. My recent experiments in this area are extensive, and most of it is unique. The experiments are not influenced by the products of any other company. I would like to share the results, if it's not too controversial, and if such a discussion would not cause difficulties for anyone actively involved in the business. I certainly don't want to hurt anyone by revealing and discussing what I know. On the contrary, I would like to help open minded readers get started on some very cost effective, radical home-made solutions. I can describe in detail the steps necessary to create some home-made formulae which have proved to be very successful in my own system. I'll await reaction before I continue.

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@rodman99999  ....Well, at least your link about cheese gives me an excellent audio rationale for my life-long love of them.*S*  But 3 lbs. indulgence would certainly elevate my normally low cholesterol levels. to levels my cardiologist would have me physically restrained.  Especially if he found out why I had begun to do so....
Any LP static issues I've religiously treated with the use of a de-stat device (a Nagaoka Kilavolt #103; not available for decades now...) and a carbon fiber brush.  An 'stat mat' has proved to be optional; a Zero-stat 'gun' was a PIA then, and always was...relatively ineffectual too.

The title of this forum caught my attention, being a 'child of the '60's', for obvious reasons....;)
'Judicious applications' of THC, alcohol 'compounds' of preferred varieties, and stronger 'psycho-acoustic chemicals' always seemed to induce 'higher' responses and enjoyment.  The latter also tended to make one a tad 'ham-handed' with the handling of one's media, so proper care became an issue....*G*

I'm not really induced to handle molecular graphene....even handling MEK makes me cautious enough to pull on gloves.  And anything that I'll be about for any length of time drives me to a respirator with the right filters, goggles if I suspect inadvertent sprays.

'Life' at this point is short enough as it is....
+1.9, mahgister...*G*  If it works for you, I'm pleased that your are. ^5s', *fist bump*....
whostole, that's what I had hoped.  Pardon my concerns, but I've seen enough good intent go awry....

Electronics hold their inherent hazards; the majority of which we don't approach (AC circuits being a different case).  Chemistry is not the typical arena for most of the people here, so some caution can serve one well.

I've been around enough adhesives, solvents, paints, and the like to take a deep breath Before I open the container...after I read the label. ;)

Those who can, will.  Those that don't, probably are better off. *shrug*

...with all due respect and regards to 'whostole...' and all who DIY  for whatever purpose or reason....and as one who 'tinkers' with things audio in nature and design....

Ultimately, I have no problems with what one chooses to expose themselves fact , Have @ It.  If it 'boats your float', hold your breath and dive....

I'm just 'suggesting' in my weird way to take precautions with that one doesn't typically 'handle'....esp. with 'nano' anything, nor mica, or ?

A stray swipe with a unexpected spill....?  I would expect 'whostole' has taken care when feeding his curiosity with the unusual.

DIY, IMHO, has been at the root of all research; it just gets an 'upscale' name when performed by the 'pros'.

If I'm wrong....slap back.  I can take the punch, bunch....;)
...careful, your eyes might stick like that..

...and the Eggman knew that the contents couldn't be put back into the shell....the 'Humpty-Dumpty Scenario'.....
Just to ask the question:

Does the applied 'thickness' of the layers have any relation to the desired effect?

" The best formula consists of 2 parts. The first part contains the stronger chemicals. It is painted on first. The second part is the one I already put up on the forum, and it is painted over the top of Part 1 when it is dry."

I assume that explains the application 'steps', and the rationale for it....

PVA adhesive can be thinned, which ought to make application on a cable somewhat easier.  Perhaps a 'dip tray' could improve the coatings, rendering them more uniform.

...application onto a speaker cone Does strike my curiosity...
...and if there's anyone that needs mediocreImean Medicinal's Me.
*red-eyed* ;)
'Nanotape'...I'll look into that...thanks. *S*

(The obvious pun was "Will I need to get the nanocorder for it?", but that's just being rude..."nanomuzic"...*G*  I'll stop....")

Since I'm using an all metal cone, and there's a need to damp inter-modulation distortion from reflected waveforms....thought I might deal with another potential issue at the same time....
Thought water as a means of thinning would be fine...thanks for verifying.

@danvignau ...Now, don't get them mixed up...;)...and why are you just 'smelling' the 'other'....?! 

*sigh*  It's a good thing I'm committed to performing a PubicI mean Public Service by keeping 'it' out of the hands of those who are wastedImean Wasting 'Its' medicinal qualities.....😆
Ahhh....*S*  Now, that's some technical details that were missing from all the previous...;)  The means of 'making the souffle' can be as important as the ingredients required...and thanks for all that.
It outlines fairly concisely the 'how to'; and the addition of potentially layering variations of mixtures is intriguing....
Before this forum fades into digital obscurity, I'll back up and 'snip' some of your posts regarding this subject, for references' sake. *S*
You obviously have your this way, I can have mine. ;)
If anyone would like a copy, they're free to ask....with your permission, of course. 
Don't want to let Merlin's Magic fall into abuse...*G*

Thanks, J
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