Checkpoint Laser Tools

This firm doesn't exist any more. Any clue where could I get some info if they (or someone else) still have some 770 SAS Kits left?
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Check with "The Cable Company" (Fatwyre) in Pa. here is site link

fatwyre web site

Click on "Specials Page" and go to page 6 ... scroll down to the bottom for "Check Point" laser alignment stuff ... a little tricky to find ... might be easier to call them.
Thank you very much Davehrab.
Unfortunately The Cable Company has no Checkpoint laser tools left....
Does anybody have any other suggestion?
Does anybody have any other suggestion?

I have friend with the Checkpoint laser. I went to Home Depot and purchased their cheapest laser tool for about $20 and it worked just as well as the Checkpoint. By the way, it was the best $20 I have spent in high end audio.

costco them them also - $ is easier with 2