Checking out a co. called Better Cables

Does anyone have any experience with a co. called Better
Cables? They sell manufacture direct only on the web and carry only one grade which they claim is very good quslity for the money. I'm new to high end audio and cable selection seems to be the biggest mystery. HELP PLEASE!
They have been around for years and are a very reputable company. is a reputable dealer. some other direct cable manufactures are:

kevin t
Excellent outfit, anong the many cable guys trading on the web now. They offer 30-day return privileges, so you can't go wrong there. I also like the idea of a single cable line. To me, it means they are putting their best effort into one product instead of catering to teh various levels of the market. That approach may also be valid [think Straightwire] but when the guy puts all his eggs in one basket, you can get better results. Oops, I see they have two lines now. Well, the argument is still valid against companies with more levels [and price points] than you would think necessary.

Others to consider: and

Good luck.
Checkout Ram Electronics also. They have different quality levels and good value.
I have owned a pair of their Silver Serpent interconnects (silver/copper hybrid) for 2 years, that I have used between my CD player and Amplifier and they perform wonderfully. They are actually pretty good cables for $90 ... a noticeably better performer than Signal Cable's Analog One (not quite a fair comparison as it is priced at $40). The Silver Serpent is definitely on par with IXOS Silver Gamma 1001 ($120 list) and Signal Cable's Silver Resolution ($140 list).

Other reputable budget cable makers ... Signal Cable (superb speaker cables) and IXOS, a British make available at

Regards, Rich
You might also want to check out Zu Cables, they sell two of their popular IC on Ebay. Excellent company to deal with and they have a 60-day return policy.

All the company's listed have great reputations.

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