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I think we need a counter attack against the recording companies; I download music to see if the artist is worth buying, then I will buy the CD or delete the songs (I certainly don't want music I don't like taking up hard drive space).

To send a message to the recording companies I suggest the following:

Every time we buy CD and find the jewel case broken (the lid falls off, or the spokes that hold the CD in place are broke) we write the label and demand a jewel case. Otherwise they need a "scratch-n-dent" sale on the broken items.

I always return broken stuff and never get an argument.
The new threat is bogus albums dressed up to look like
the real thing but in fact are not.

For instance, I was doing some casual saturday afternoon shopping (Best-Buy) when I found what I thought was an A/C D/C greatest hits CD. The back had a lengthly description about how great the songs are, etc.
The very last sentence said "Songs recorded by promising female artists".

Now I hadn't been burned with this type of scam before and wasn't about to spend five minutes reading the fine print so "Sting!" some slimester got my $16.00.
Imagine trying to go to sleep knowing that you owe your existance to stealing from fans.
Sure I "had my chance" to avoid the burn "if only".

You don't hear the record companies crying about this...