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This guy is great and his reviews are a great starting point for those interested in the less expensive components.
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Okay. I just watched his review of the Schiit Mani. 

He absolutely gushes over it and claims that there is a large "gulf" between it and its nearest priced and some higher priced competitors.

I'm assuming a lot of serious vinyl-philes would scoff at this.

But if he is to be believed, I'd consider replacing the $50 DJ Pre-III (or whatever it is) that's hooked up to my old Sony DD TT with a Grado Black cart.

And this just after claiming in another thread that I was off the upgrade treadmill!

This guy is great and seems to have a ton of knowledge on various accessories. Check out his video on the greatest hi-fi mall in the world, that should be an eye opener for many of you.