Check out Alison Moorer's The Duel

This is a fantastic disk. Her previous one was a little too country for me. This is full of cruncy guitar, some good piano, and really gets me grooving. Give it a listen. Be sure to hear track 6.
I'd appreciate hearing any comments on her live CD/DVD too.
Both the music and the fidelity.

Her live CD is, musically, great- It has various selections from her pre "The Duel" studio releases. A little more alt. country than The Duel. She has one of the purest, most powerful and Alabama Sexy voices you'll ever hear. She's an absolute powerhouse. There's a duet, on the live disc, with her sister- Shelby Lynne. Alison absolutely sings circles around Shelby.

Sonically, all her discs are OK- nothing to write home about, but not unlistenable either. Her singing and songwriting talent are so good that the sonics really become secondary. This is a very talented woman with a very bright future, indeed.