Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?

This is a question for those who have been trying streamers and servers recently, watching reviews and product launches, or who just know their stuff and keep up with the technology. I am trying to separate market hype and churn from what is happening, technologically.

Many have said that DAC technology development has slowed down enough for people to feel comfortable spending real coin on a good DAC. Good to know.

So my question is: How quickly do you think streamer and server technology is evolving? Is it still a moving target -- in other words still worth being somewhat cautious about perhaps waiting before dropping serious coin as the technology is soon to change again? Or are we slowing down?

(For those who think these technologies can be accomplished in economical ways (Raspberry Pi, etc.), I'm still curious about your opinion about the speed of change, regardless of whether high dollar expenditures are unnecessary.)

Of course the other yet integral issue is how fast music catalogs are keeping up with the hardware changes to supply the new hardware with files that it can play. I just watched Darko discuss the Spotify move to CD quality (which he celebrates and for which explains the rationale), and it seems most of the music out there continues to exist at CD quality only, not higher resolution.

(Oh, and before someone chimes in with how analog beats digital so why bother...please don’t. I know you think that.)
@audio2design I was also very surprised that the volume seemed louder. I did not get out my iPhone DB meter to measure but subjectively I thought it was a bit louder. The fact that it was much better was without a doubt.

I am using the ROON ONLY version of the opticalRendu. I have no need for any other protocol other than RAAT. 

I should have added that when I listened to my setup with my Thiel CS3.7 speakers I used DSP Convolution files running on my ROON Core. Those DSP'ed bits were changed before they hit the DACs. On my RAAL SR1a headphones I have now removed all digital adjustments. In the past, had  bit of a bass boost using the ROON ParametricEQ settings but I have now removed that for the opticalRendu.

It would be so convenient if DAC's had a fibre input like the Lumin X1. Then I would not need an OpticalRendu.
I see the Benchmark DAC3B mentioned above. I have come to the realization that this DAC is a phenomenal performer. It is neutral but amazingly fatigue free for me. My AMT3SE is also fatigue free but that uses a tube. 

The DAC3B is also useful that I can use RCA and XLR outputs at the same time. I cannot do this with the AMT3SE. Vlad the designer, told me it may not work and my test confirmed that there is a problem using both outputs. Likely not an issue for most, but it would have been very useful for me.
4 those that didn't know Spotify has been streaming CD quality with Roon
since last summer. It's quality is very much on par with CD playback.
I've A/B  Spotify HiFi  Ex: Diana Krall SACD tunes against my Marantz RUDY CD player same Stream song vs CD same song at least 6 or 7 times before "I noticed a little longer length of decay on some notes on the her piano."
 Very tiny although!!! But to some V tiny is completely is un-exceptable
at any level. I gave up YEARS AGO trying to build a audio system that was capable letting one hear the rosin fall off the Violin bow strings an hit the FLOOR. It's all about the Music isn't IT??
Been poking around the streamer subject recently hand have been overwhelmed by all the erratic reviews and so forth. But once again, there is no straightforward answer that compels a switch from the current cd and steam Pandora from iPad via BT receiver.  Sound is already terrific IMO.  Maybe ill wait 5 years and may be deaf or RIPing
@tubes444  Thanks for the head's up about Spotify via Roon. Didn't know that. It's not all about the music, of course. If it was, that's all we'd be talking about and you would never have gotten such good gear! Peace!