Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?

This is a question for those who have been trying streamers and servers recently, watching reviews and product launches, or who just know their stuff and keep up with the technology. I am trying to separate market hype and churn from what is happening, technologically.

Many have said that DAC technology development has slowed down enough for people to feel comfortable spending real coin on a good DAC. Good to know.

So my question is: How quickly do you think streamer and server technology is evolving? Is it still a moving target -- in other words still worth being somewhat cautious about perhaps waiting before dropping serious coin as the technology is soon to change again? Or are we slowing down?

(For those who think these technologies can be accomplished in economical ways (Raspberry Pi, etc.), I'm still curious about your opinion about the speed of change, regardless of whether high dollar expenditures are unnecessary.)

Of course the other yet integral issue is how fast music catalogs are keeping up with the hardware changes to supply the new hardware with files that it can play. I just watched Darko discuss the Spotify move to CD quality (which he celebrates and for which explains the rationale), and it seems most of the music out there continues to exist at CD quality only, not higher resolution.

(Oh, and before someone chimes in with how analog beats digital so why bother...please don’t. I know you think that.)
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Another interesting digital thing to be developed is something similar to Photoshop but in Audio aspect. 
Another interesting digital thing to be developed is something similar to Photoshop but in Audio aspect.

Pro Tools, AutoTune, etc. That ship has sailed. 

Speaking of keeping up with latest updates with streaming services and user interface, it is exactly the reason I chose Aurender as my prime source of streaming...5 plus years of single device (N10) trouble free ownership and here’s to five more years on my recent purchase of N20. How’s that for longevity, reliability and priceless enjoyment :-) 
Right now, I don't know why anyone would get off their chair to load a CD in the player?  Especially when Tidal streams hi-res up to 24/196.  I find it very convenient to sit down and select artists and albums with the touch of a finger.  When I purchased my BlueSound Node 2i, it would have been nice to have been able to hear more expensive streamers to find out if they are worth the extra money.  A dealer suggest buying a BelCanto.  Can you hear a noticeable difference by spending extra money?  Are these more expensive streamers also capable of unfolding MQA on Tidal completely?  I for some reason do like the quality of their MQA master recordings.  However, this depends upon the quality of the original recording to begin with.  Are special edition recordings better or worse than the original recording.  Go easy on me because not all of us have the experience and knowledge of this incredible group.
In the last 3 months I purchased an Innuos Zen 3 and a Audio Mirror DAC. My final decision became simplified when I realized I wanted 
a one box solution-Stream/Burn/Store. Not that many choices.
I managed to get a new one from James at Choice Audio MN 
without waiting for it to be built. And at a good price. 
So if box management plays a role in your decision making
here is an option.