Cheapo TT's for a present

I'm scouring the local thrifts, etc. for a gift. I've found a couple of possibilities. Found a Technics SL-220 in very nice shape. I've also found a Pioneer PL-112D in good shape, but maybe not quite as unweathered. Are those two old budget models comparable, or is one a lot better sounding than the other? Thanks for answering another tedious question about bottom-of-the-heap, trash-picked turntables! ;)
Hey, those are better turntables than you think. I have owned both and they can be quite solid performers. My nod would go to the 112D for it's more substantial plinth, but either will get you a good bit of enjoyment.

New belt and cartridge or stylus will be called for. Clean out the main bearing and refill with oil and put a small drop on the motor spindle and you should be good for quite a while.
It seems both are going for around 125$ on Ebay. so if they can be had for less I would say condition is the main concern.I believe I had the sl-220 as my first tt in the late 90's. It sounded pretty good with a decent cartridge($50+) and phono stage(C.A. 540/640p or similar) at the time I used the built in in my receiver.I don't think it would be a bad table to get your feet wet with.
I agree with Viridian. I can't speak to the Pioneer, but I bought my son an sl-220 a couple of years ago, and while I can't say it comes close to sounding like my TNT6, it sounds surprisingly good. With a $60 AT cart and $100 Cambridge phono section, the thing makes a lot of music.
Quick go to Toys-R-Us. They have many 'cheapo' record players Be sure to put the receipt in the box so the person will know where to return it.
Hey, Fisher was a great brand in the heyday of audio and made great stuff, I am listening to a 299C integrated amp as I write this. I don't know why everyone started to run them down when they changed their name to Fisher-Price.