Cheapo remote for Meridian 508.24

Does anyone know of an inexpensive remote that will work on a 508.24 CD player? I purchased a Sony remote for $15 at Circuit City this week but it didn't work. (I tried many codes!!!)
Only Meridian remotes work. They come up used periodically on this website. Can buy new through Meridian.
Thanks 7671, but I have used a Theta remote on it that performed every function, so I know I don't have to have a remote made by Meridian. Unfortunately when I sold the Theta transport I had to include the remote, which I liked.

The Meridian System Remote I do not like and will not purchase one of those.

I have no Theta dealer close by either, plus I was hoping to only spend around $15-$25.
Meridian makes a small remote. It has almost no functions on it, like numbers, just play stop pause and advance (or go back). I have one. It has to be inexpensive but I don't know what it costs. Call meridian and ask them about it. The msr allows you to select tracks and also reverse phase on cds that need it.
My Rotel 955 remote worked and so did my linn majik remote

I believe Meridian use the Philips code set, so you could try a Philips remote. Regards, Richard.

Just to follow up, I purchased a Phillips univeral remote for $15 at Target and it's standard settings worked perfectly on the 508, except the power button.