Cheapo interconnect for sub only

Hey folks,

I'm contemplating purchasing a longish (4-5M) stereo pair of interconnects to run from the preouts of my integrated to a sub (not an REL--I'm not going to use the speaker terminals). Since my experience has been that most interconnects excel in one area but not necessarily all, does anyone have one to recommend that provides tight, fast, deep bass, all other considerations being irrelevant? I have found that sometimes brighter interconnects have tighter bass which would work here, since I wouldn't have to worry about the mids and highs puncturing my eardrums. Anyone know of something that wouldn't break the bank (say up to $200 used, preferably less) at that length? Any suggestions are welcome.


$200 to run a sub?
C'mon...get GREAT results from a fine Canare (made up by Markertek) or DIY. It's a PRO mic and IC that's costs peanuts, and would be perfect for your sub's line level.
Markertek probably wants under $20. Enjoy.
Look for the cheaper, Canare, Better Cables, Straightwire, Zu Cable, or LAT International. Keep it well under $100 for a sub.
Definately check out the cables by Orbeck..
They will custom make you one for a reasonable fee...
they have excellent feedback and are very knowledgable and friendly.
good luck,
DH Labs makes a cable called 'SubSonic' for this purpose. A pair of 5m cables is $85 including shipping from ACI.
I got a pair of Analysis Plus Oval Ones for my Sub and they sound very close to my Acoustic Zen Matrix IC for my sub, a Velodyne HGS 10.