Cheapest Sweetest deal you've found

SO...Every once in a while something happens in the audio world that makes audiophiles shut their mouths. They only whisper to their best buddys about the astonishing thing they have found. There were T-amps, and the Optimus Lineaum speakers, what else? What have you found that is a drop dead, shut your mouth steal?
Sony c333es 65.00
Kenwood 8300 tuner20.00
Mitsubishi f-20 tuner25.00
toshiba dvd3960 player 5.00
New Virtual Dynamics Power Three Cable - for free, as Virtual Dynamics was having a promotion on their products. Only cost was to pay shipping cost from Canada, which was about $30.
Trends 10.1 integrated for $130 (now $150) is a screaming deal.
The ebay quad active monitors that can be had for less than the passives.

Genesis APM-1s for $1500.00.
Dealer was closing shop.
Had to drive to NM from L.A., but
roadtrip was fun.
Pair of Bel Canto Evo 200.2 amps for $1,000 total. I love those amps!