Cheapest Sweetest deal you've found

SO...Every once in a while something happens in the audio world that makes audiophiles shut their mouths. They only whisper to their best buddys about the astonishing thing they have found. There were T-amps, and the Optimus Lineaum speakers, what else? What have you found that is a drop dead, shut your mouth steal?
Mint Sansui AU 517 integrated and TU 517 ( matching peices ) for $5 ...Original KHL 6 speakers $1 ...Klipsch KG4 loudspeakers ( mint cond. ) $10..Gargae sales !!!!!!!!!!!
The Circuit City price mistake 2 weeks ago selling the Toshiba HD DVD A3 with 7 HD movies for $100. I bought it for the upconversion capabilities, the HD is just the bonus. Incredible picture quality. The sound quality playing CD is also quite good.
Clear Day Solid Core Speaker Cables, Morrow Audio power cords, and Raysonic 168 CD player
A pair of mcCormack dna-1 monoblocks from the factory for 1800.00 as someone bailed out on a special order; many years ago.
Sony c333es 65.00
Kenwood 8300 tuner20.00
Mitsubishi f-20 tuner25.00
toshiba dvd3960 player 5.00
New Virtual Dynamics Power Three Cable - for free, as Virtual Dynamics was having a promotion on their products. Only cost was to pay shipping cost from Canada, which was about $30.
Trends 10.1 integrated for $130 (now $150) is a screaming deal.
The ebay quad active monitors that can be had for less than the passives.

Genesis APM-1s for $1500.00.
Dealer was closing shop.
Had to drive to NM from L.A., but
roadtrip was fun.
From a thrift store- Maggie mg-1's for $80 and Chase tech's remote controlled preamp for $5 at the same place. Also AR reference component and interconnect cables together for $4. All in great shape. There was a Hafler amp for $5 but some geezer got to it first. B&W Matrix 3's for $400. Boston's surround THX for $200. Grado 200's for $80. Those last few weren't as much killers as the first. Dan
Gallo Dues (pair) for $400. T-amp for $29. 32" LCD HDTV for $425. Oppo DV-981HD for $185. Welcome to my $1,000 bedroom system!

Without a doubt, my lightly used Krell KSA-250 power amp purchased in Singapore for $2,000 6 years ago. Still looks like new and sounds perfect to me.
Grado Statement Master cartridge for $80.00. The front of the wood body around the G was smudged, but otherwise looked unused. And it did not start sounding decent until I had about 42 hours on it.
Shahinian Diapason’s for $1,750/pr right here on A’gon. Way too many others to mention, but with some work you can find great deals on the net as well as estate, tag and garage sales. Unfortunately, hamfests aren’t what they used to be.