cheapest speaker made in the last 10 year that can beat any speaker made before 1970?

what do you think?


just wondered if you try eickmeier speaker that imaging superb that said from  him..

just wondered what helhomtz resonator that can made diy that affect room ? 

akg headphone drived by tube amply ? how many what?

yes vintage speaker the more time the more degradation , but maybe we can get 80 percent of perfomance ? no?


Do not forget the human element. We are all built similar and differently including our ears, hearing, and brain. No one sound may be exactly alike by the individual. Then as we age this too may play an active role in hearing. This is why multiple answers 

yes , of corse we built diffrent ear , age ,, just want you opinion about living before 1970 , whats going on whrn that tineframe and why the soeaker the more to day include yo opinion on most audiophile become less and less and shoul be good bevause trvhnology is up ,, just why  and i still dont undrstand ,,  thanks everyone for answer my question   ,,, anysnyone can help me understand this me  thanks!


Are you typing on your phone while riding a roller coaster? If not, what's the problem?