Cheaper substitute for VAC Avatar?


I owned a VAC Avatar for several years, but had to sell it 3 years ago due to medical/financial issues. With sufficiently efficient speakers - meaning at least 89/90 db. and an easy load, such as larger Spendors or Reference 3A -- the standard Avatar in triode was really great. I'd love to pick up another one, but my budget hasn't fully recovered sufficient to afford it, even at current used prices. Any advice on current or used budget gear that might come reasonably close? I especially liked the VAC with 60s & 70s hard/bop jazz, older classic rock and blues vinyl - great inner dynamic contrasts. Thanks,

Check out some of the used Cayin integrateds. great sound and build quality at very reasonable prices.
You liked the EL34 version? Just to be sure on comparables.
The Jolida JD102B uses EL84 output tubes that have great sound and are inexpensive to replace. Ideal with the same type higher efficiency (90db and up)speakers and should run you less than $600 including shipping.IMHO one of the best values in audio today.