Cheaper alternative to Cardas Golden AC Cord

I love the Cardas Golden AC cord but I thought I might query you guys to see if there is something out there that will do the same for cheaper. Cables must be very warm sounding, musical and cheaper than the Cardas Golden. I will be using this for my CD player to remove some brightness and hash.
You might try synergistic research AC master coupler. They taper off the highs a bit wile still providing an open sound stage. You can find then used here generally ranging from 135-$175.

Happy listening

Yup! The Synergistic AC Master Coupler is a good pc! Good mids & bass while the highs are smooth and not agrressive! The cable has got good body and weight, too!
zucable birth pc's. find them very satisfactory in all areas. realistic prices. kurt
Buckingham, do you mean retail price? or used price?
Hi guys, Ramesh is pretty happy with the Synergistic Master Coupler. Have you guys A/B'd this cable with the Cardas Golden?
Decided to go with the Golden Power Cord. I'm still missing my listening session with that thing hooked up to my A3 CD...
Hey guys, just got another message from Ramesh. He informed me of a new Canadian company called Virtual Dynamics

Apparently the Basic Power model from them is USD 29.95!!
And sounds like the Cardas Golden.. Anyways, I just called Rick over there and I'm going to get a few to try out.

Will keep you posted
Anything! Try unless your into big bucks for pretentious names. Save yourself $$$ and buy some new music.
Craig, I understand your point of view... But the AC cords just made so much of a difference over the DIY or Factory cords that they absolutely warranted the $300 USD spent.