Cheap volume for large room

I just moved into a loft style condo and am dealing with a huge room - 45' l x 24' w x 20' high. It is eating my ML ReQuests for breakfast and I'm thinking I need a bigger, taller, cheap set of cone based speakers to compensate. I think good clean stereo in a small room is killer but this room kicks sound quality down the priority list.

After poking around I found the PSB T8. They look perfect with 3 tweeters and 3 subs but the model is new and a bit out of my range at $4k+ (T8) used.

Anyone know older model speakers similar to the PSB T8? Or just models that move a lot of air for this huge space?
I hate them, but, maybe horns will work for you.
PSB Stratus Gold i
Get some Legacy classics...they might fill the room
Martin Logan Prodigy's.
I have a large room not near as big as yours and My Prodigy's could use more space,Probably a little more than you want to spend but they would work extremely well in your size room.
Klipschorns will fill that room, and do it with a 10 watt amp! Approx. $2k for a nice used pair...

I agree with Btstrg.......... I have Prodigy's (and think they are stunning BTW) in a room that is a lot smaller and can only wish for something like yours. I think with some treatments on the walls and in the corners you could have something special.

Winchell, please clarify your aim. Are you looking for a system that will fill
the entire room with well balanced sound? Or are you looking for a system
that sounds well balanced and provides sufficient volume in a well defined
listening area of the room?

Here's a few quick thoughts. One of the problems most speakers will have in
such a large room as yours is generated enough bass volume. Moving your
speakers closer to the rear wall might help. You might also consider adding
subwoofer(s) to your current setup. If the lack of volume problems is further
up in frequency, then the cheapest solution is to move your listening position
closer to the speaker position. Sound falls off at 6dB/meter.
look at a pair of vandersteen 3 or older 4's...
Thanks for the suggestions.

Unsound -- Klipschorn...looks different...what's the catch?

Btstrg -- The ML Prodigy is only a step above my ReQuests. I really think the electrostats are part of the problem because of their characteristic placement sensitivity. Don't get me wrong, ML is awesome...for small rooms.

Onhwy61 -- basically fill the room over good sound in one area. The ML's sound great but only at a low volume and front-and-center. They don't have any "reach" on the low end. The treble is also bright sounding partly because there are absolutely no soft surfaces in the space. I know there are things that can be done about the overall sound other than replacing the speakers but I feel like it would take way too much building "around" the ML's.

So main goal is to fill the room with a warm sound and enough bass (preferrably without a separate sub).

Right now I'm looking at the Legacy Classics and PSB Stratus Gold. Any others (used) worth looking at for up to $2.5k?
Klipschorn is a particular model from a paritcular manufacturer of speakers incorporating a horn loaded design. The Klipschorn's are legendary. They also prefer corner placement which is not a requirement of all horn loaded designs. Horn loaded designs are notable for their ability to play quite loudly despite modest power requirements. They often have other sonic charateristics that I personaly find objectionable.
If you have two corners, then get some Klipshorns. Esentially the room becomes part of the bass drivers folded horn and you are literally standing in the speaker. They have quite the following and you can play with low wattage tube amp designs and tweak them to your liking.

Your neighbors may not like you though ;)
Tyler Accoustics...always some used or on sale items and a pair of 7Us or better, Linbrook system II should do the job well. Both are currently on sale on Agon for less than $3500. (not affiliated with Tyler by any means...just the best value on speakers today, period).
Your room is 21,000 cubic feet. None of the speakers recommended are designed for full range reproduction in such a large space. Your room is three times larger than what most manufacturere would consider a large room. Your goal of room filling sound without a separate subwoofer is unrealistic at your budget level. I COULD BE WRONG, but you should contact some of the manufacturers named and ask them about recommended room size and sould levels.
So I need a sub or two.... ok I'm gonna try a couple Earthquakes Supernovas since it'll be cheaper than replacing the MLs. Klipschorn looks intriguing so maybe I'll look for somewhere to listen.

Thanks for all the suggestions!!!
Ok, I took another look at this thread. If you want the type of sound of your Martin Logans on a bigger scale you probably need something like SoundLab A3, A1 or U1's. Some big amps and maybe a sub to complete the package. Contact SoundLab and see what they say.

The Klipschorn will be dynamic and fill the space, but they won't have the speed and transparancy of the ML's or SoundLabs.