Cheap Tweeks

Does anybody have any cheap tweeks to share with us to further our search for "affordable" sonic bliss? I have 3 for you to try that anyone can afford. 1) if your amp sets on the floor, try putting 4 tennis balls under it. you might want to place a piece of half inch plywood under the amp first. 2) If you need to isolate your components better, put a piece of plywood under them and then put the largest size bubble wrap that you can find uner them. These ideas work and are much cheeper than big buck isolation platform. 3)If you use "dynamic" speakers, put a quarter at the top front corners and a dime in the center. It must be the resonence of the change that does the trick. All I know is that it works.
"BLACK DIAMOND RACING CONES"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Costs $60 for a set of 3pcs. The best thing that I got which made a heck lot of improvement. Their other stuff costs more but makes even greater dirrerence. Start with the cones first.
I have heard pros and cons about the cones but they sure work well under my Rogue99 preamp.They really tightened up the bass,improved overall focus and opened up the soundstage.I got mine new for $50 delivered!! Worth every cent!!!!
MDF board is superior to plywood for isolation and available at any hardware super store(home depot ect.)Well sealed double bagged and tapped sand bags on all components except amp,great for vibration and tightening up the sound.Keep bags away from vent slots ! A favorite of mine that I have never shared with before is foam hot water pipe insulation.You can cut little sections to elevate any cables from the floor.Any where that interconnects ,power cables or speaker cables touch ,you can wedge between or put on any cable where two touch.They also are great to put on the back of rack shelves for sharp edges and vibration that can affect cables touching the shelves.Many other uses,get creative.Now for an incredible source of DIY tweaks; Happy tweaking !
This tweak is system dependent. Place vibration sensitive components on half inch thick glass slabs. A local glass shop charged me $25/each for 14" by 18" pieces. I rest the glass on top of BDR cones or Isopods. This results in a subtle, but worthwhile improvement in overall sound quality.
Discsolution!!!! Spray it on, wipe it off. The diff is huge, and a bottle only costs 25.00 and will treat 100s of CDs. Available from