Cheap Tweak?

Does anyone know of a household or any other cheap cleaning fluid that works for claning RCA connections and speaker terminals? My wife won't let me buy Contax :(
I'm at a loss to understand why your wife would be involved in your choice of contact cleaner. Perhap I'm one of the fortunate ones, but my wife could care a less what I do with my various audio systems. Probably has a lot to do with ignoring her suggestions a long time ago, she tolerates my bizarre behaviour. I suggest you do as you please, the WAF thing can be a major pain in the ass if you let it creep into your decision-making. Jeff
Noted that a few guys recommended rubbing alcohol. WATCH OUT -- rubbing alcohol usually contains lanolin or some other moisturizer to keep skin from dying out. After the alcohol evaporates, all that's left is the grease. Use DENATURED alcohol instead.
i used geeration 2000 contact cleaner-non-residual- from radio shack--i got a large can for 12 bux-- i went meticulously over every thing on the hifi-contacts--binding posts--plugs--power strip(turned off-of course) ect; well!!! cleaner-clearer and a more solid precise bass!! just like a thin blanket had been removed from the speakers-an exellent improvement-i'm well happy with this
Guys, seems I have my cleaners(Kontak) mixed up with my cameras(Contax)and I expected you to understand that my wife not letting me buy a bottle of $30 contact cleaner was a joke. Cheap tweeks are one of the best parts of this hobby and I thank all of you with legit suggestions.
I checked out the ingredients in Contax. Heptane(50%), cylclohexane(10%), propane(20%), ethyl alcohol(10%), isopropyl alcohol(10%). Based on this, you can make a cheap, effective substitute using butane and 99% isopropyl alcohol, in a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. Cost would be less than $2(for a hell of a lot more than you get from Contax), from your local CVS, RiteAid, etc. Also looked into the other two products. Neither of which contains anything most people would easily be able to purchase. However, a can of one of the tv tuner, contact, etc. cleaners that tv repairmen use would be equivalent. I knew they used to be about $12, for a large can. Not sure how much they go for now, but would be a fraction of the cost of Kontac or ProGold.