Cheap tweak for adding thicker gauge wire to Old style Terminals

Some of my older gear has the crappy plastic terminals that only open 1/8th and inch and to avoid that dreaded 45 degree spread with multiple sets of spades so they lay flat. I needed to find a way of adding a few pairs of 12 gauge (for my subwoofers) wire easily without soldiering or replacing the terminals on the AMP. I found these at Lowes and I just snipped out the ends to make a spade, more like a spork actually. haha It works fantastic and super cheap. Just thought Id toss this out there for anyone looking for an inexpensive and effective method to add thicker gauge wire to a Sub set up or speakers, Also these terminals were used on a used set of speakers I bought and I really like them. I may add them to my mains and all my gear someday. They also spin all the way off so you dont need to (on the ebay link) have Spades if you use the lugs that are solid all the way around.Kinda like a car battery connection super tight and good quality for the price.