Cheap Turntable Protractor

Hi, I didn't get a protractor with my table. Anywhere I can order an inexpensive ($10) laminated jobby. That's all I need right?

Here's a free one:

You could laminate it yourself...
You can print out a free one. Make sure you pick the right one for your arm. Also make sure you print it out at the right size.
There are two ways to go. You can download a variety of them at the Vinyl Engine, or you can buy a nice mirrored one for turntablebasics. com. It will cost you $20, but it is worth the difference.
If you want cheap, why not free?

Print your own. Have it laminated for $2 at Staples or Kinkos if you like.

Next best (and quite a bit better IMO) is probably the TurntableBasics for $20.
I agree with Dougdeacon. I used the freebie for a while and the work fine. I then bought the Turntable basics protractor which is the cheapest like it that I found and it's worth the $20. Much easier, and more acurate.
if you google-up turntable protracktor, you may find tons of sites offering to print it out free, but still it makes more sense to buy it from as suggested above.
Don't do the scale on the "cheap" also. You could ruin a nice cartridge