Cheap Tube amp

Looking at getting a Jolida for less than $700. What do you guys think?
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If that amp is a Jolida JD502P amp that is a GREAT deal. I have the 502P and it is a very versatile amp. You can put KT88 6550 KT120 and even KT150 power tubes with no issues at all.
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I applaud Jolida's determined efforts to have economically enabled so many to sample the tube experience. I'm betting you'll like it. Jolida is a fine, first taste of tubes.
I agree with all statement above. However $700 for a tube amp is not cheap. All you have to do is just enjoy the music instead of chasing the sound. I remember I enjoyed music a lot more with a $10 transistor radio than my sound system today.
I bought a Jolida 302A B stock in 1995 and have never had a problem. The sound is excellent for the price and although I have been tempted to upgrade I just continue to enjoy it daily. Isn't this what it's all about?
I agree with Truman's comments. A Jolida 502B integrated was my first introduction to tubes. I had that unit for 10 years and very much enjoyed the music played through it. Don't know what current prices are like but the folks at the Maryland Hdqtrs, were very helpful and offered a nice upgrade for the amp at a very reasonable price. Might be a good idea if what you propose to buy is older. Out of curiosity, what sort of speakers are you planning to use it with? and what's their efficiency??
Does anyone have experience with the Jolida FX 10?

Thanks for the responses guys!
Well isn't that won't allow anyone to post anything negative on your Virtual system, but you have no problem with placing an offensive post on a thread posted by a member asking for some simple advice...not trite puns.
cdrc I take it you REALLY love toobs? :).
Viewing his system it's clear that he's an advocate of "minimal" components, accessories and tweaking.
Way too little info to give advice. Do you want an integrated amp? Is the 10 watts in the Jolida enough? What kind of speakers are you driving? Jolida can be a good start but make sure the model you pick will do the job. Also, I always plan on re-tubing a Jolida. The factory tubes are the weak point. I do see a Sophia Electric on Audiogon, a Yaquin with more power, a Finale for a few bucks more that will need tubes, but US Audio Mart has a bunch of pieces in the $500 range. My choice, get the Pilot 240, have it serviced and really enjoy the sound.
Amen Charles!
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Tubes and transistors both possess sonic signatures and thus have an identifiable character. There's no way to avoid some degree of editorial coloring with any audio component(some more than other for both output devices). It really is a question of which type of flavoring a listener finds suitable/desirable to live with. Thankfully we all are able to listen and decide individually. There are no audio products/components I'm aware of the are without sonic personality/character. There will be deviation from the so called "dead center" neutral to the fuller and warmer or to the leaner and drier. Take your pick of this sonic spectrum. I'll readily admit that I'd choose the tube coloration in most cases rather than the solid state form of coloration. Certainly others will have different preferences for a particular sound character. Choice is wonderful.
You asked about experience with the Jolida FX10.

I have one in my office system and have been completely happy with it driving a pair of JohnBlue JB3 speakers. I did replace all the stock tubes but it's hard to imagine better sound from a system in a small room at the price of those components.
"LOL!! Hit a nerve on the master tube audio God on Gon."

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I don't own a Jolida, but I want to.
I have the Jolida Fusion Tube Preamp and think it is wonderful. Jolida equipment is not cheap, just inexpensive and great value.