Cheap system for garage

A friend of mine asked me to recommend a system to place in his garage. The space is uninsulated and located in the New York metropolitan region. He will be listening to CD's while working in the garage. I thought that what really makes most sense is for him to get a $200 boombox rather than spend any kind of real money on components that may not tolerate temperature swings. Any other ideas? Can anyone recommend a decent boombox?
I can highly recommend the Sony CMT-EX1 desktop CD system. It is a shelf system not a "boombox", it is slightly over budget(around $299). You will be surprised of the sound this little thing can produce, it has a tempered glass front plate that you can see the CD playing(which makes it verticle loading). I have this unit in one of my garages and it holds it own, I am not sure how it would do in an uninsulated garage but I imagine it's performance would not be changed for years.
the boombox makes sense here. Good place, probably the only suitable place for a Bose (ugh) product, LOL.
If he has another set of speaker outs, he could run a set of outdoor speakers into the garage and get killer music from the real deal. I did this once, with spa, even ran a cheap pot from radio shack and had volume control at the spa. It was pretty cool.
Yup,folk, music is music.Don't leave home without it. Last week at our own auction site; couldn't believe my eyes; a Bose cd/radio/ 38 bids/went for $375. To quote Roger Waters;" "Imagine That" I know; here is a quarter find somebody that cares/ gonna be hard.
An alternative to a boombox would be small, metal radioshack speakers, any ol' receiver or integrated amp and a portable cd player that has a line output, that he could move indoors when the weather was real cold. You could hang the speakers on a nail on the wall. I have this setup in my attic (old Advent Receiver) and it sounds better than a boombox. (better than Bose, too)