Cheap surge protector that doesn't sound horrible?

HI. I figure I need some sort of surge-protection on my equipment. But, I don't want to get something that totally degrades my sound. I heard somewhere that there is a Monster Power Strip that is sold for computers, and goes for about $70 in a computer store. Would this do the trick? I really can't afford anything more than $100 at this point.
I'd sure want to protect against THAT kind of surge :-)
The monster will help with the surge protection, but will degrade the sound. $200 on Agon will get you a Chang which will actually help the sound and protect your equipment. Or $200 new Rotel has a surge protector which doesn't hurt the sound (doesn't help either) but will just be a good surge protector.

Save your money. $100 won't get you there.

An Adcom 515 ACE usually sells for under 100 and would do great.
Recommended by The Absolute Sound and tons of positive reviews for years e.g.on Audio Asylum --Monster HTS 1000 or its "computer" equivalent (same unit, different labels)or a Monster HTS 2000 used, though it saw a new one online for $129 once. Doesn't degrade the sound, on the contrary provides significantly-improved sound and also video.
I tried the Monster 2000 but really like the sound of the API Power Pack 2 quite a bit better in terms of sound quality, if only six outlets will do. Used examples can be had in the $100.00 to $125.00 range. This is at the top of your budget, but really worth the money.
Hold off on the Monster. I have an HTS1000 and I am getting hum and Buzz when I put a TAD-150 in my system (tube pre). I have been told by several people that the Monster has a ground problem that will show up on sensitive equipment....
Panamax! Even the least expensive model does a better job than Monster.
Take a look at the PS Audio Juice Bar. I am not positive but I think it has what you need. Someone just posted 2 for sale (not me) at $125 a piece.

Also look for a VansEvers Super Companion used. I do have one and it does protect and provide filtering while not limiting my gear.

Good Luck,
Forget the Juice Bar, It does NOT protect at all.

VansEvers definitely does though.