Cheap stuff is inside my low-pass filter

I have thousands of $$ invested in interconnects. They plug into an old M&K LP-1s lowpass filter that separates the high/low frequencies before amplification, and sends lows to subs, highs to main amps. OK. So?
Well, I opened up the filter and found lots of runs (4 inches long) of thin, unshielded wire running to a circuit board from some cheap looking RCA input plugs.
Shouldn't these wires be shielded cables to prevent electromagnetic interaction? I'm dumping Cardas carried signals into these tiny unshielded wires, then back out via the same tiny wires, and back into Cardas cable again.

Thinking of rewiring with Jenna labs 18guage cryo'd wire, or should I use shielded cables instead?

Also gonna replace RCA jacks with cryo'd Cardas jacks.

Any suggestions/advice/experience with this situation from you experts?

Thanx, in advance.

The box is the shield. No need to do the wires.

If you think the wire is cheap, just don't look at the circuit boards.

How about trying a real active crossover unit instead? I'd recommend the Marchand tube crossover for under $2k.
Your experience is like mine on viewing the interior of a pair of $1600 speakers. Big fat TaraLabs bi-wires that ended on fairly decent terminals, but... on the inside, from the terminals to the x-over board, dinky little #16's or #18's. Same stuff that was used to wire the whole crossover, plus all the speakers...