Cheap Strobe Light??

I would like to get an inexpensive strobe light to check my TT speed. I have a disc and just need the proper light. Thanks
I just went to home depot and got a small florescent light. The one I got is eighteen inches long and was made to be used for wall or under the counter hanging. Works fine.
I bought a small neon lamp, designed as a 120V panel indicator at Rat Shack over the weekend for this purpose, cost is $2.50. There is a red bezel over the bulb that needs to be unscrewed and an extension cord needs to soldered to the terminals.
Question: Can the AC line frequency really be depended upon to provide an accurate and stable 60Hz for this purpose, or is there actually some variation that happens here which we choose to ignore?
I'm confused...but, what's new? If I'm not mistaken, and correct me if I'm wrong, I believe Spindrifter's inquiry had more to do with using the strobe light to time the spin of the TT by making the TT appear as though it were spinning in slow motion... And not so much about being able to see the setting in the dark. And, yes, I'm usually very confused. If the neon and fluorescent light suggestions are, in fact, addressing this, then there you go. I am confused. Or, who knows... maybe Spindrifter does want to use a strobe light to see in the dark :)

To answer Spindrifter's possible question... as long as the Strobe has an accurate and adjustable setting to it, it should be possible.
Believe it or not, if you look carefully, even an incandescent standard light bulb flickers enough to set your TT speed, but a flourescent light turns off and on much more quickly. You could use an electrician's tester with a neon light.