cheap replacement for NAD 5425 cd player

I am looking for a CHEAP replacement for my old NAD 5425 cd player in a sometimes/seldom used bedroom system. Cd player, universal player, dvd, it doesn't matter, just something tolerable. The NAD is muddy sounding, and while I don't listen to this system all that often, I would like a little more musical sounding player.
How cheap is CHEAP? At any rate, look for one of these, they come up fairly regularly in this price range, nice piece:
Oppo 981.For the difference in price,buy it new at Amazon with free shipping ($229).

A used Denon 2910 or 3910, or Music Hall 25/25.2 would give you very good sound for the money.
I've got a really nice Pioneer DV-505. 10 years old, 20 bit but extremely musical.
Has anyone used a Pioneer DV 400V? How was the cd sound quality?