Cheap phono cable vs decent interconnect cable?

Which would you go for?
Cheap phono cable (below $70 for 1 meter) vs a decent RCA interconnect cable ($200~300 for 1 meter)?

For me, the worst RCA cable for phono connection was Nordost Blue Heaven interconnect cable. I think the reason was that Blue Heaven does not have enough shielding.

Any input/idea?
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I usually buy cheap cables for cheap audio and decent cables for decent audio. Thats just me and how I roll.
A phono cable and an IC has different characteristics. The IC will not equal the phono cable unless that is .... you buy the way your thinking. I'd put the $300 in a phono cable if it's for your TT ......
I have a few RCA interconnect cables at ~ $300, but no phono cables. I thought any decent RCA cables ($100~300) would be good for phono cables. But, when I recently tried a few different RCA cables of my own, my bluemotion sound different, especially the Blue Heaven was worst.
That made me think that some RCA interconnects may not work as phono cables, and cables made for phono connect might work better.
Well, I found some used monster cables from ebay selling at $20~30 with shipping, and some other less known cables (like signal cable) at $50/meter.
And an anti-cable at $100.
I just wonder these relatively cheap phono cables would outperform normal RCA interconnect cables at $100~300.

I had a Zu Wax biwire cable, but it did not sound any better than $200 cables on my system, so I would not probably spend far more than $100.
A used ( audiogon ) Audio Art IC-3 works very well..Used should be in your price range....
You can always make your own cables.I got some 99.99% pure solid-core silver cable off the roll that was cryogenically treated at about $30/metre.You only need 1 metre.Some cotton sleeving,also the the wire was coated for protection,some decent quality RCA connector plugs and voila you have a phono cable that they sell for $2000 from Switzerland using the same wire.
When it does not the job good enough (hum, signal flow...), then the "saved" money is not saved. In my opinion, the phono cable is the most important cable in the whole System. Next is the quality from the connectors (the difference can be huge, too and the solder....)
Try to get one of the real good XLO Phono Cables (Reference/Signature)