Cheap phono cable

I am in the process of buying turntable. This turntable has a Dynavector arm. As far as I know this arm uses a SME connector.

However all my audiobudget has been spent on the turntable+arm. So now I need a cheap cable that will not murder the sound. My current cable is the Nordost Heimdall II phono, RCA to RCA. Is it an option to use a SME to RCA adapter plug? Does such a plug even exists?

The turntable in question is a SAC Girati Grande and the phono pre amp is a RCM Sensor Prelude. The integrated amp is the Symphonic Line La musica. The speakers are Dynamic Solution Master One (a Dutch speaker).

In the future I migh upgrade to the Furutech AG12 or the Audioqeust Leopard. I use Audioquest Rocket 88 speaker cables and they are great (sort of affordable when you need 7meter long cables)
I like the Nordost, but you don't have to spend that kind of money...Morrow Audio makes a wonderful sounding cable for around $150 or less maybe, (they sell used to) I am sure you would love them once they are broken in. I use a mix of Morrow IC's and Nordost SPM spkr cable. Awesome, accurate and very dynamic and quick!
Cardas DIN to RCA box should do it for you....or if you want cheap just use Belden cable and do it hard wired from the SME to the phono pre RCA...
The Morrow cables look good. But I prefer to buy my cables locally. I live in Europe when I buy in the US Is have to pay import duty and VAT.
Van den Hul made some good ones.
The Czech Pro-ject cable has had good reviews.
Check with Drew Baird at Moon-audio. He can make a reasonably priced cable specific to your needs. I am using a Silver Dragon with Cardas mini-DIN to Furutech XLR.