Cheap Panels...MMG's or Apogee Centaur Minors??


I'm looking to buy an inexpensive and "small" panel speaker. I was thinking about the Maggie MMG, or I can buy a mint pair of Centaur Minors for the same price.

Which way would you go?

I'll be powering them with a Forte Model 4 amp.

Thanks for your insight.
i prefer apogee's all ribbon speakers like the stage which is glorious. i used to own the centaur minor which is ok but it does not have the magic of the stage. as apogee is no more in business, i'm not sure about getting replacement parts.

good luck!
Kinda ditto on the above, Apogee nice loudspeaker, and there is a place in Australia I believe that is redoing the ribbons, but who knows for how long. MMG is a good sounding speaker and Magnepan is going to be here. That means
MMG always going to be worth some money, maybe shouldn't be the major concern, but its up there
Buy the Apogees i just bought a mint pair for 450.00 i also owned the Majors too...the Apogees are nicer than mmgif they are in good shape go for much do they want?
I vote for the Apogees too; the Forte Model 4 amp is a perfect match for them, and replacement ribbons (and woofers) are available. The current output available from the Forte amp (Class A too) will really allow the Apogees to sing.
Thanks everybody. It looks like it's unanimous. The seller is Toys From The Attic and they're asking $599. I'm told that they're in "excellent" condition. This seems like it's on the high side (pricewise), but maybe it's worth the extra $$ buying from a trusted source like TFTA.

Is this reasonable??

Thanks again everyone.

Definitely go with the Apogees although I think you might want to consider going for a pair of Duettas. I have seen them as low as $600 this year. Here is the URL for the Apogee users group:

I've never seen Duettas in great shape sell so low. I just sold a mint Stage for $1200 and there was a buyer for $1400 in the wings. It may be a blue moon before you can get a mint full range Apogee for $599. Just last year I saw someone buying a Centaurus for a thousand. I'd say go for it.
I do have excellents results with a pair of FINAL 0.3 (hybrids) purchased direct last summer for $1200.00. Give them a try.
Best of luck,
I'll admit that $600 is an infrequent price for Duettas but a pair of mint Signatures sold here in Portland for just that about 10 months ago. Two months later a pair of Duetta IIs in very good condition also sold for $700 in Salem. Perserverance and patience.... in the mean time don't pass up a good deal. Audiogon is the best "one stop trading" site but newspapers from major urban areas can yield some surprising deals.