Cheap--I mean really cheap--2 Channel Starter sys?

Okay, I admit it. I'm strictly audio. I'm not into explosions and car chases, but I DO like good movies (Fargo, Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Monty Python's Holy Grail, M*A*S*H, just about anything Woody Allen, etc). Let's say I wanted to start with my basic 27" tv plus dvd player and hang a 2 channel integrated amp and two decent speakers on it. How do I get started??? Thanks, all!
How cheap?
Need a price range.
There's a whole bunch of really great 27" TV's out there. I personally would look for one w/a flat screen and an invar mask. For a DVD Player I would look at the Panasonic RV-32. Wonderful player for under $90.(Plus there is a $20 mail-in rebate @ Sears.) As far as Int. amps I would pick a Nad/Rotel/Marantz whatever you could find used for around $150. For speakers, thousands to choose from new and used! For interconnects, perhaps some Straightwire's at $20 a piece and some bare-wire Kimber Kable 4VS spk. wire. Add a sat. dish for reception and you're in business!
All: My question is perhaps more technical than economic. I just wanna know how you hook stuff up. Do you plug the tv into the integrated amp? Stuff like that. For fun, I'm even thinking about using an Antique Sound Lab SET integrated amp! Thanks.

Unless convience is your only concern... Dont run
the video thru the Integrated amp. It will only
raise the noise floor. In fact if you can put all
video TV, DVD, Cable/SAT on one outlet (preferably
dedicated) and all audio on another and use a
Toslink as the only link between the Audio and the Video.
This will keep the nasty video noise isolated and
by using the Toslink you wont have any ground loop