Cheap, home-made component stand....

Would this work?

Simply take a maple cutting board and run a brass screw through each corner for legs. If your components are relatively heavy, just add an identical cutting board on top of the first for added stability.
Here is my proposal.
Buy (home depot)2x2 or 1x2 maple and laminate it,that is glue all the pieces together,like a buther block.Glue,clamp and let dry.After you sand the whole board or run it on a surface planer.Ease off the corners with a router.Buy from the item (4 stand offs,either 4 or 6 or 8 inch height)They come in satin or polished stainless steel.Drill your board on eack corner and install the stand offs for legs.There you have a stand that looks like million dollars in my opinion.
Best of luck
Thanks George. That`s certainly a more refined example and one that I`ll build.
basically that's what I made... sometimes called a flexy design (DIY).

I built shelves out of 1X2's glued up like butcher block, drilled holes in the corners & used threated rods & nuts to hold it together.

You can see it in my virtual system.

good luck,
Ikea lack tables they come in numerous colors and are around 9.00 bucks.
Bgrazman...Nice looking rack and gear. I`m putting together a two channel main system that would have just two components, an int. amp and cdp. I`d like to keep the space between the speakers open so I figured I`d build a couple of low slung stands, one for each component. That would bring their height just a few inches up, thereby, enabling a more realistic sound stage. I don`t want to particularly run long cable by putting the gear to the side. Since most of my budget will go for main gear, I was trying to figure out a cheap way to bring the amp and cdp close to the floor and still be decoupled. I`m new at this. Thanks for your input. I need all the help I can get.

Thanks Schipo, but for my application, I want something low and with spikes, I think. Man, those little tables look like a great bargain tho!
The legs can be cut, and spiked. Just make sure to tape the leg around before cutting to avoid chipping. They look great and are very economical if you don't like, your out a couple of bucks. The best of luck and good listening with health.
Schipo...what kind of spikes would you use? Thanks for your help.

Try parts express for spike kits. I heard from others that the color lack tables might have hollow legs, so if your planning to cut and spike, do it with their dark birch model. It is a little more in price around 14.00 but it's legs are solid and you will be assured of a clean cut and a base to tap your spikes into.
I found a heavy, solid wood, two shelf end table. I`ll put some kind of spike under each leg and try that.

Any opinions on this?