cheap high quality power strip

I own an Audience AR1p Adept Response power conditioner and would like to plug a power strip into it without breaking the bank.

Is there a good power strip, even with just 3 outlets, that does not cost too much?

< $100.00 for instance?


Check this out - I really like mine.
Signal Cable.
Highly recommended...
Hammond Manufacturing Power Strip
PS Audio Juice Bar II
Keep an eye out for BPT strips here on Audiogon. Check out the review at 6 moons. I have one and it is high quality.
stick with furman, they have been at this forever and no one does it better.
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Monster HTS 2000, IF U CONSIDER $199.00 CHEAP
You can't have this one... Snagged.
thanks everyone for the responses!

I am sure there are some good ones here. I know the Signal Cable uses really good parts and is the type of simple design I am looking for.

BTW I am looking for a power strip not a power conditioner or power cord as some of your responses seem to be responding to... no biggie!

I really like the Audience design for power conditioner and want to use it with all my stuff by plugging the power strip into it.

thanks again

The reason I recommended the Wiremold strip is that it has no circuit breaker, lights or switches to alter the power, just a cord, metal chassis, internal wires and outlets. Simple. Good enough for Naim...

The Signal Cable MagicStrip looks similar - perhaps a better cord to connect it to the conditioner or wall. Have not tried that one, but the Wiremold works terrific - I use INSTEAD of power conditioner.
Tripp-lite M# PS2408 is cheap and well made. I removed the internal breaker & shortened the cord. It is long though 24" & 8 outlets, the cord is 20ft long. I used it in my system till I purchase a PS Juice bar.
I also got a power strip from "Gene Rubin audio" and absolutely recommend it!I've tried a few power conditioners and after buying this, I will never plug into another conditioner. You will not be dissapointed!
BPT describe its power strip as follow:

"The secret lies in our no compromise pure copper chassis that creates an impenetrable RF barrier..."

Anyone can confirm how much of an audible improvement is there with this RF barrier effect ?