Cheap hearing aids?

I'm thinking of trying non prescription items . Anyone w experience?
mijostyn, I believe they were $3,500, versus $5,500 at the ENT Dr.'s office.  The Widex Moment that hifijunkey bought, and linked to the reviews in his earlier post, is a newer model and was not available when I bought mine.  Of course the ENT Dr.'s office needs to charge a lot more to cover their costs for follow up service, business expenses, etc. versus an internet based business.
Wow. Thanks guys! Went to Audiologist today. Luckily hearing loss similar each ear. Will receive a copy of graph monday. Down about 20 in rt ear from 250 to 3000. Down 30 in left. Down 40 at 4000. Then dives down to minus 80 at 6,7 and only down 65 at 8, limit of test.  Not pleased with technician.  Said only latest n greatest aids can help. Your inputs are encouraging. Folliwing up next week. Will go for another test at different company. This one was pushing Oticon. Cheers to all !
One of the advantages of buying at the audiologist that I used were:
4 year warranty, one replacement of each hearing aid if lost. Full support with adjustments and cleaning if needed. These seemed to be the best ones for an audiophile. They made listening to my system way more enjoyable. I could buy very expensive loudspeakers and they wouldn't do me any good without these hearing aids.
Am trying a base level now. Enjoy music more - but these are not great. Interesting to hesr paper rustle again :). I will enjoy my hiking more . Im thinking of buying used as there seems a fair amount on offer. 1.5 yr old Phonak Audeo B50 avail for about $700 US. Trying to check out best way to have them adjusted and maintained. A couple of dealers were not interested. Scary