Cheap/Fun experiment - Record your listening

Hi Everyone,

We often talk a lot about room acoustics, and a lot of it is theory.  Want to try something for free, where you get to be the scientist and reporter?  Do this.

Play music on your system and record it with your phone.  Maybe a song or two.

Then, listen to it with headphones. 

Do you now hear the room??

Please post your findings along with your speakers and how much of the room you have treated.

There are no wrong answers, and no judge, and the only thing I'm selling is a shared experiment in psychoacoustics so please be nice. :)


I’ve actually already done this a bunch of times!  I’ll record the same song on various systems as well, to compare.

For playback, I use an audioquest red dragonfly, jitterbug, and periodic audio beryllium iems.

What might be interesting is if we pick a few songs, maybe 2 or 3, we all record them on our phone then upload them to you tube so we can compare.

Does anyone want to do this?  If so, maybe someone with the knowledge of how to upload videos to you tube can chime in and explain the process!

Back to the thread, I think recording your video and listening to it will let you hear how much room interactions come into play.  I’ve become very sensitive to poor sounding rooms and the effect they have on playback.  My treated listening room is one of the most zen feeling places I know of!
A friend and I have done this a few times and emailed the files. I listened to his excellent system on iMac speakers so I didn't really hear the room. Headphones would be the way to go.

Uploading to a file share can be done instead of YouTube.

Sounds like fun ill pass though.
If possible, just leave your phone on your chair. 

Again, I am curious to know how well the room stands out in the recording.  When I've done this in the past, whether to record people talking, or systems, it was amazing how much more of the room you can hear.