Cheap/expensive or expensive/cheap?

While I was listening to my modest little system recently, I began to ponder a question. What would sound better, an expensive system with the cheap/stock cables or a cheap system with high quality cables/power cords? For example, say you have a $3000 system (total) but have high quality cables/cords/conditioner etc. vs a $10000 system with just the stock cables and original power cords (no conditioners). 
I read many topics on AG and I am always amazed how much I don't know and how much I've learned on here. I've been updating my system over the past 2 years or so and appreciate all the experience and knowledge on these forums. Thanks---I look forward to your comments.
I’ve tried 3 different Power cables with Pass Labs x150.8 and the xa25. To my ears the stock Labs PC delivers. Not by leaps and bounds. Though best with what I have available. The stock PC powers the amp. As for the other components of PC I use TWL, Nordost, and Anti-cables. 
three_easy_payments, still has the best answer to this question. Response number 1.
My suggestion is to find a quality audio dealer and work with them to build a system that suits your needs and budget.  Trying to do this using internet opinion forums and back issues of Stereophile is a fool's errand.The whole system needs to be considered, including the room, programming, and possible upgrade paths.  As you develop in this hobby, tastes will change as well as listening habits, and system parameters will change along the way.The wires used to connect the components need only be adequate for the task at hand.  More costly wire may alter the presentation, but the effects will be less obvious than spending the same amount of money on an improved front end or speakers.  Once you have established a system that suits your needs, experimenting with cables might bring incremental improvements or subtle changes to the sound signature.  It might be interesting, but could be expensive (that is for you to decide).Note:  A good, high end system can be assembled for less than $10k.  So much depends on your circumstances and expectations.  Spending more will get you more expensive equipment, but not necessarily better sound, or more importantly, more satisfaction. Synergy is the key concept here.  It all must work together.
14 gauge zip cord is all you need.   Save your money.  Really.  
Any time I have added an Uber power cable to any electronic component it has pushed it to the highest performance levels. The change in dynamics was like having a whole new component.